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so, i am twenty five years old, a not so recent graduate of trinity college (ct). my mother and father were engaged after three weeks of knowing each other and are happily married to this day, thus forever impressing on me what love could be for some people. i have three older sisters and one older brother. from them i learned how to tap dance, play with dolls and action figures, displace blame, and swim, among other skills. i spend most days considering some or all of the following: 

  • the role that white privilege has played in my life as a light-skinned person of color.
  • the nba.
  • sexual politics.
  • literature.
  • diy punk/hardcore/all of that.

after years spent roofing i am less afraid of heights than i used to be. this means i have a pretty good time climbing trees, though i still hate the idea of rollercoasters. just recently i’ve found i am getting used to flying on planes but am still endlessly envious of those non-human animals who can do so more naturally. unless i’m asleep or evolve this will probably always be true.

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